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Dining Room Furniture Arrangement Guide
Written by Sarika Kabra

When buying dining room furniture, you need to take into account several factors; firstly the shape, size and the dimensions of the room or dining area, secondly the feel or mood that you want to create, that is casual and relaxed, or formal or traditional and so on; thirdly you need to consider what shape of dining table and the number of chairs that you need and lastly consider what other items of dining furniture or decorative elements you think the room needs; that is other than a dining table and chairs. Depending upon the space at your disposal and also your own requirements, decide what are the exact pieces of furniture that you need for your dining room.

The Table: The focal point of your dining room furniture, choose this with care. Choose from rectangular (conventional six seater or more), square table (smart four seater or eight seater), round table (elegant and a great space saver, can seat four, six, eight etc). Ideally the shape and size of the dining room should be taken into account when deciding the shape of the table. It should be neither so big that it dwarfs the dining area nor so small that it gets lost in it.

The Chairs: Consider how many dining room chairs you require for your dining table, often this fact will be dictated by the type of dining table you buy; that is the size and shape of the dining table. If you feel that 4 chairs are adequate for your purposes, consider circular or square shaped dining tables. Also consider whether you need armchairs at your tables or not; you can even decide to mix here; consider putting armchairs at each head of the table while having chairs without arms at the other seating spots. Also consider whether upholstered chairs, leather finish chairs or wood finish chairs are suitable for your purposes and preferences. Also consider the height and weight of the chairs, they should be high enough and wide enough for comfort and should be light enough for easy movement; while at the same time they should not be so light as to be unstable and prone to tipping over.

Hutches, Buffets, Corner Cabinets, Storage Cabinets, and Sideboards: These other items of dining room furniture have the dual function of creating a harmonious and matching whole for your dining room area, while at the same time offering practical storage space and extra serving surfaces for your dining area. You can put away or display fine china, glass ware, cutlery and table linen when not in use; this is one of the chief advantages of having one or two extra pieces of furniture in the dining room. These are also useful when entertaining; to double as a drinks cabinet, or a surface to lay out a buffet, salad or even some snacks.

Decorative Elements: A few well chosen artifacts or items of display, perhaps even some interesting lighting may be all the decoration that your dining room needs. If the walls seem bare, by all means dress them up, but steer clear of having too much clutter in the dining room. After all the dining room is your family’s haven for quality time spent together!

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